Welcome to TREND-UK

Training, Research and Education for Nurses on Diabetes


TREND-UK is a Working Group of diabetes nurses with different skills and backgrounds, set up to provide a facilitative forum for relevant nursing organisations to come together to create a unified voice to forge appropriate change within diabetes nursing in the UK, whether relating to clinical, educational or management issues.  

TREND-UK is not a lobbying force in its own right; rather it is a catalyst for the collaborative engagement of existing nursing groups who will be encouraged to take on joint projects to fulfill the changing needs of both diabetes nurses, the profession within which they exist and the people for whom they care. Discussions have been held with other groups such as the RCN Diabetes Forum, In-patient group, Practice Nurse group and nurses within PCDS, and there is a distinct feeling that at present financial and time limitations experienced by individual nurse members (and the lack of central admin/secretariat support) are causing these groups to have little impact in their own right despite best intentions.

TREND-UK, supported centrally by SB Communications, will provide the facilitative backing to change this. 

TREND-UK will, via sponsorship support, seek to organise key meetings for representatives from the relevant groups to come together to discuss vital diabetes nursing issues and, where appropriate, creating educational materials and guideline documentation in order to facilitate a coherent and united lobbying of the governing bodies of the day, such as NHS Diabetes.