Welcome to TREND-UK

Training, Research and Education for Nurses in Diabetes


TREND-UK is a working group of diabetes nurses with different skills and backgrounds, set up in 2009 in response to a request by the diabetes tsar at that time for a collective voice that represented all diabetes nursing groups. The original founding co-chairs of TREND-UK were experienced nurse consultants, working in a variety of settings, and closely involved with most of the organisations representing nurses working in diabetes. These included the Royal College of Nursing Diabetes Forum, Diabetes UK, Primary Care Diabetes Society and NHS Diabetes.

TREND-UK has the following aims:

  • To support and develop the current and future role of the nurse with a special interest in diabetes. In particular, providing education and a framework for meeting revalidation requirements and the needs of the diabetes service in which the nurse works
  • To maintain the Integrated Career and Competency Framework for diabetes nursing, defining roles and standards for nurses and non-registered practitioners involved in the care of people with diabetes. This document also provides commissioning bodies with clear information relating to different roles within diabetes nursing, facilitating appropriate planning of resources for diabetes services
  • To promote the enormous value of the nurse with specialist diabetes skills within diabetes care for people with the condition
  • To be a voice for diabetes nursing in its broadest context, and to represent their views as a stakeholder in national guidance and policies such as NICE guideline development
  • To create consensus documents and useful resources for people with diabetes and for the nurses who care for them
  • To involve people with diabetes with projects and the development of resources

TREND-UK is supported with secretariat services by OmniaMed SB. The group, via sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry, organise and participate in educational programmes for all nurses working in diabetes care including an annual conference, develop patient-related resources, and educational materials and documents for all nurses working in diabetes care.

TREND-UK has a core committee of 3 co-chairs. They are supported by 2 very experienced associates with particular expertise in practice nursing, community diabetes services and pregnancy. Recently, TREND-UK has welcomed the involvement of advisors representing in-patient nursing, district nursing and diabetes nursing in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The committee is keen to include representatives from nurses from a variety of diabetes working environments to truly be a voice for all nurses working in diabetes care but also to be a resource for those nurses